Using Digi WR44 as Router

Good Afternoon,

I’m using a Transport WR44v2 as router to connect the following:

1- Data Logger Device for alarming
2- Trimble Receiver for Geodetic Survey
3- Vsat Router for Commination link .
4- 3G router for Commination link .

And I want the data coming from the first two devices to go out through the one of two communication link who as available at that time ( Primary/Secondary) .

I tried many time but not succeed , could you please help me on this since we have 100 Digi router we want to configured on 100 different site.

Eng. Manar

This is fairly straight forward to set up. Here is a guide to follow on our website here:

If you need further assistance please contact your account manager.

Thank you for reply, actually the document that you sent is for using mobile SIM as one of connection but what I use the both communication links will not be mobile, Vsat and 3G modems will connect the Digi through LAN interfaces. Also we ought the devices from a local distributer here in Saudi Arabia

It is a similar principle whether it is through the built in modem or dual ethernet connections.

You would have a ping or other TCP/UDP traffic generated over each link and you would use the firewall to monitor through the link and bring either route in or out of service.