WR44 - VRRP, NAT with 3G and Wifi Connection


I have a question regarding the capability of the WR44 Transport.
Assuming the WIFI, 3G and Ethernet interfaces are available, would the following setup be possible:

“External” Side:
Running two Wr44’s on the same Ethernet segment with one VRRP group monitoring the 3G interfaces on each WR44 and another VRRP group monitoring a WIFI interface on each W44.

The idea here is to have VRRP failover to the Wifi\3G interface if the other interface is unavailable\down.

3G and Wifi interfaces will have a static IP.

“Internal” Side

Would it be possible to Run NAT between the WIFI\3G interfaces and the Ethernet interfaces?

Has anyone experience with this sort of redundant configuration?


Please refer to the documentation