WR44: How to bridge ethernet ports to WiFi client connection?

I’m having trouble getting wired devices connected to the Ethernet ports on a Digi Transport WR44 to talk to the WiFi network, when the WiFi is configured in client mode. (In other words, I’m trying to configure the WR44R as a WiFi bridge).

wifinode 0 ssid “xxxx”
wifinode 0 mode “client”
wifinode 0 security “wpa2psk”
wifinode 0 sharedkey “xxxx”

eth 12 dhcpcli on
eth 12 mask “”
eth 12 wificli on
eth 12 physadd -1

eth 12 is able to come up and get an IP address via the WiFi client connection just fine, and if I set up a default route through eth 12 then I can ping out from the command line. But devices connected to the physical ethernet ports don’t seem to be able to talk through the connection. The device is in hub mode so I expected all the physical eth interfaces to be able to communicate just like eth 12 does, but they don’t. What am I missing?

Variations of this question have been asked before and I’ve scoured through the documentation, but I haven’t been able to find the answer. I’m not interested in adding a NAT layer, by the way; I want this to be a pure Ethernet bridge.


The client mode on the WR44 is a routed interface and not bridged.

this would mean either the devices behind the wifi client interface would have to NATTED or the network would have to be known by the network on the AP network side.