Simple Webserver Causing System to Crash

I asked in a previous message about changing the stack size of the webserver stack. I was able to do this, but am still haveing problmes of the system crashing when i access certain webpages. These are webpages that have been working for many months with no problems. When the system crashes it is going to the Prefetch Handler and the Undefined Handler sections of the init.s. Any Ideas as to what the problem could be. I did up my webserver stack size using the HSProperties call, but i am using NULL for Flags and Mode as i do not know what the defaults for these parameters are. Could this be causing a problem. Does anyone know the defaults for those two parrameters in the HSProperties Function. Also i noticed that when you change the user stack and the systems stack in the HSProperties function that the two numbers are added together for the thread stack size that shows up under thread properties in debug. does the system seperate these two stacks anywhere? if not what is the purpose of passing in two stack sizes?

Also Another note. The problem only seemes to rear its ugly head when running on the board directly, it doesnt happen when im running using the debugger.