Simple Web Server Stack Size

Is it possible to increase the stack size of the simple web server. It looks like it defaults to 6K. Is there a Define somewhere that has this value, or is it hardcoded in the library?

Look out for void HSProperties in the NET+OS API Reference: void HSProperties(char * tnamep, int priority, int sysstack, int usrstack, int mode, int flags); I think that’s it.

Does anyone know the default settings for the simple web server. I only want to change the sysstack and maybe the name using HSProperties function. When i put null in for the other values ( usrstack,mode,flags,priority) then strange things happen. I had made the assumption that putting a null would use defaults for that setting, but apparenty that is not the case. so if i dont put null, what should i put for those other settings, what are their defaults, if i know their defaults ill just use those values. Thanks

Try the defaul parameters described in the AWS HS_SERVER_PARAMETER: priority: 16 sysstack: 4096 userstack: 2048 mode & flags ??? I don’t know

If I remember rightly, there are at least three ways of starting the web server. The call used in the example sets everything to some sensible default values. Then there’s a call which allows you to change certain parameters (which I think include the stack size). Finally there’s a call which allows you to set everything. It’s in the help - just look at the functions for the AWS. Steve