HTTP port changing

I’m trying to change the HTTP port on my server. Right now I am starting the server with RpHSStartServer(), which defaults to port 80. I tried this: RpHSBeginServer(6, 100, webPort), which success but the server does not start. Also I am trying this: HS_SERVER_PARAMETER hsParam; hsParam.Lengthofstructure = 6; memcpy(hsParam.deviceName , “Web Server”, sizeof(“Web Server”)); hsParam.connections = 6; hsParam.persistent_timeout = 45; hsParam.session_timeout = 45; hsParam.port = webPort; int result = NAHSStartServer(hsParam); if(result == 0 ) printf("Server started @ port: %d
", webPort); else { printf("The HTTP server was not started due to an error.
"); But I always end up getting the error message.

I think that the Lengthofstructure field should contain the correct size for the structure, you could use sizeof(HS_SERVER_PARAMETER) to get it. It’s something like 228 bytes and you propably have to fill in all fields. (default is listed in documentation). Best regards, Thomas Maltesen