Sleep mode digimesh network : need you help for the best configuration

Hi there,

I will try to describe the network I need to build:

  • Several devices embedding a digimesh module that will wakeup on a particular local event and send data to a unique gateway
  • A gateway that will receive data from the other devices.

1)I need all the devices (even the gateway) to sleep until one of the module has something to send to the gateway

2)I need to configure each module so that it is able to wake-up / route the data of another module if needed / returns in sleep mode.

In other words, I need to have everybody sleeping until one module has something to send to the gateway.

I guess this can be easily done with digimesh …
What would be the configuration to set for each module under XCTU to get this work?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No, it can’t. What it is you are asking is for a remote device to wake an Entire network on an Event driven time. That is not something that is supported by a Digi mesh network. A Digi Mesh network is either mixed with both sleeping and none sleeping nodes which can send data via always on routers when an event occurs or a synchronized sleep network where all nodes wake at the same time and send data.