Coming out of Sleep mode


I’m trying to create a network with Xbee 3’s on Digimesh for which, on a command, the whole network will wake up, operate in it waking state for a couple of hours and then on another command go back to sleep. Also when the each node wakes I would like to use a couple of digital pins to trigger some MOSFETs (and switch on the rest of the circuit).

To send the commands I’m using an Xbee 3 in API mode (set to cylic sleep support). The way I’ve been trying to make this work is to broadcast a remote AT commands to change sleep mode and the digital pins but this floods the network with remote command responses and I’m worried as the network gets bigger this will drown out the original AT commands. (Also I have read you shouldn’t broadcast remote AT commands).

Is there a better way of doing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.



The Digi Mesh sleep function does not allow it to do what you want. It can either wake with a sync message on a cyclic sleep time frame, or it can wake on the sleep request line being driven high. The sleep request line can only wake the specific module the line is being driven on and not the entire network.

Digi support

Thanks for the reply.

Would there be a way of doing this in micro python mode?

My thoughts are to broadcast a Transmit request to all nodes which, on receiving this, would be programmed to come out of sleep mode and change there digital pins states. I’ve not looked into mirco python much yet so love to know if you think this is possible/a good way to go about it.



If you are trying to wake an external device, as long as it is within the wake cycle, then yes that may work. I can’t stress how much of the May work.