Xbee3 Digimesh in sleep

Hello, I have an Xbee3 DigiMesh network of about ten devices, which is perfect as an alarm clock, but with sleepers it gives me problems: 1) it does not deliver the package to the sleeper and gives me an error in XCTU of Tx failure, 2) the Ir / Ic command works well on physical fronts (via a pic on pin 9) but gives me problems in pure asynchronous sleep update (wrong ADC values).
My final sleep device configuration:
CE = 2, SM = 5, SP = 17D4, ST = 1F4, SN = 1, WH = 15E, SO = 100.

Thanks a lot, right now for your kind reply.

Async means that each node sleeps independently with known always on routers to forward the data. Do you have nodes in your network throughout that are set around?

“In the meantime, I solved the question 2 Hardware, by connecting to the Cts output with my Mos for the power supply of the analog sensors :-)”
While for the question 1) now I have made that the coordinator is in SO = 1 and all the others are in SO = 2, so the sleeper is in CE = 6, but the problem persists. And of course if I chip in No Sleep he talks to everyone.

When using sleep modes, the data is not sent until the wake period. You should not be trying to send data till the network is awake.

There is no way that the end devices work properly in the asynchronous mode of sleep, so how do you expect them to be adopted at the hardware level !?

Are they using the hardware flow control lines? If you are not, then the only other option is to use API mode and watch for the status messages.