sleep mode parameters SOLVED


I already have a digimesh network working fine. I want to introduce now the sleep mode.

I have arduino to collect and send data.

I tried to configure parameters but it seems to be always awake so I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or what…

These are my parameters:

SM = 7
SO = 0 (always coord)
WH = 2000 (2 seconds before starting to send)
SP = 1D4C0 (2 mins)
ST = 1D4C0 (2 mins)

Other nodes:

SM = 8
SO = 2
SP/ST = default values, they will be overwritten)

Do I have to config something else?

I am using small values for SP and ST but in my final version I want to use something like SP = 30 mins and ST = 5 or 10 mins. Which values in hex do I have to set?

I solved it. My fault was ST and SP don’t have the same units. One is MS and the other one x10MS… So it takes ten times more to get up again.

I would set SO in your coordinator to 1 or 5, so that it shares its sleeping settings with the ‘other nodes’.

With your system setup as above, you are NOT defining whose Sp/St are to be used directly. Literally, with SO=0 you tell your coordinator "be sleep coordinator is required only’. Setting to SO=1 tells it “You ARE the sleep coordinator”

With SO=5, you also get an API frame returned to your PIC/PC every time the mesh wakes or sleeps.