Changing Sleep Period on a Synchronous Sleep Network?

I have a small sensor network running with two nodes configured with SM=8 and SO=2. I have a third node set up as a waypoint in the network that is configured with SM=7 and SO=1. This node is my sleep coordinator. There is a fourth node that the sensors send thier data frames to, this node is configured with SM=0 SO=2. I am having a problem in that the network does not seem to adopt changes in the sleep period, SP, that I make on the sleep coordinator. I have tried to set the SP parameter directly through XCTU, and also by sending a remote AT command request to the sleep coordinator. Neither seem to have any effect. As a side note, the remote AT command request to change the SP value returns “04” for the command status, which does not seem to be documented in the Digimesh 2.4 guide.

Can the SP value not be changed on a running network? Do I need to shutdown and restart/recommision all of the nodes?

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


I have worked some in DigiMesh, and I have seen problems when mixing SM=7 and SM=0 on the same network.

Is there a reason you don’t want to set the 4th node to SM=7 as well?

One thing I have noticed is that one often needs to power cycle the Xbee after changign SM - or at least t seems to help.

Thanks for the followup on this Lynnl. With regards to the mixed SM=7 and SM=0, I wonder why this would be a problem as the SM=7 mode is specifically noted in the docs as a “sleep support” node and that these nodes aid in the sync’ing of new nodes to the network (maybe this doesnt apply to existing nodes?). I also have the diagnostic LED hooked up to pin 15 on the sleep coordinator and it is flashing the “I am the sleep coordinator” signal, but again, changing the SP parameter on this node does not influence the SP of the network.

I do not want to set the 4th node to SM=7 because I plan on adding other nodes, that will not be sleeping, and will be transmitting data more frequently than the sleeping nodes. With the 4th node at SM=7, it will not be able to receive data when it is virtually “sleeping” in its sleep support mode.

I’ll play around with power cycling. I am sure that this will work, but it would be nice to be able to adjust the SP parameter without a hard reset on the network.

Thanks again,