Sleeping End node!!!


I have a system with one coordinator and few end nodes. I am using end node in SM=1 (pin sleep), I have external microcontroller that wakes up end node every 5 second and send data to the coordinator.

System is working correctly at this rate but if i extend sample to 15mints then system works but CTS response time and association of xbee coordinator are taking far longer time then expected (msec).

I am not sure what SP, SN setting should be!! does it affect pin sleep end nodes???

If any body has any suggestions.

Thank you

Sn/SP in the coordinator affects you - read this wiki page:

What is probably happening is the coordinator has flushed/discarded the sleeping node by teh time it wakes, so the first thing your XBee in Sm=1 needs to do is in effect go off and find a new mesh to join! So you need the SN/SP in the COORDINATOR to be large enough that it retains the child-table info.