Sleep settings for connectport?

I do not understand what sleep mode does on coordinators, and specifically what settings to use on the ConnectPort X4. Can you help?

I read this page:

It says:

The SN/SP within your gateway and all XBee routers MUST be at least as large as the values placed into the XBee Sensor product, or you will find the routers (the parents) de-associate the sleeping XBee Sensor (the child) while it sleeps, and thus reject the periodic data productions.

On my XBEE LTH sensor nodes, running as end points, I currently set SN=2, SP=1500, so I am expecting updates every 30 seconds.

What should the values be on the ConnectPort X4, running as a coordinator? If I set SN=2 and SP=1500, is that a good value to use?

What do these values do for coordinators? I couldn’t find this in the documentation. I could guess from the above quote that the SN and SP settings will be used to disassociate nodes. Is this true? Should i just set SN/SP to very large values to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Corey,
You heard right. You’ll need to have the coordinator at least as long as the longest sleeping node (SP*SN). In reality though it’s a good idea to have the coordinator twice as long as the longest sleeping node. I don’t remember why but I think it had something to do with synchronization. If you are riding the hair edge, your node can get kicked off the coordinators child table.

The actual parent ‘timeout’ is 3 times SN/SP, so if your end-device SN/Sp is for 30 seconds, putting the same in the coodinator retains the child info about 90 seconds.

You need these same values in any routers/parents in the system, so if you add a wall router (etc), they also need the appropriate Sn/SP