Sleeping of XBEE

how to configure xbees when there are multiple End device (with sensor ,and microcontroller) and one coordinator?

Conrdinator is connected to the PC.

what to use AT mode or API mode?what is main difference between them?

In this type of communication when two (End Device) xbee transmit data,there will a interference between them?so how to avoid?

one told me sleep mode is used in this type of communication but i don’t know how to use? plz help me…

The difference between API mode and AT mode is the type of data being sent and received over the UART. In short, API mode is a Frame based interface using Intel Hex frames where as AT is transparent…

Are the sensors connected to the radios UART or ADC lines?

Sleep mode is used on an End device. If your device does not need to conserve power, then there is no reason why it could not be an always on Router.