snmp_get in RCM 3700

I need to make a SNMP get from RCM 3700 to a device connected to a same lan, to get a variable value from that device.

I think that I can use the snmp_get function but I can not to find any example to do it.

I know how to use the snmp.lib. I have implement the snmp v1 support to my deveploed devices.

Thanks in advance


The SNMP library included in Dynamic C allows it to be a managed device (process received SNMP requests), not to act as a manager (send requests out and process responses).

I wrote an SNMP client library for Dynamic C 8.61 to send simple requests and process the responses, but it was specific to a particular project and wasn’t really designed for general use. Contact me at if you are interested in licensing it for your project.