Speed depens from kind of storage

I wrote two test applications with 8 images to load. 1st app: 2nd app: The first application works with the NetOS 6 filesystem (RAM), the 2nd application with the structure of RomPager. The 2nd app. works fine! Using app 2 I have to wait for 10sec until the images are load. In my project I use the GDLibrary (gd 2.0.15) with PNG for dynamic images. (The images are stored at startup to RAM). Is there a possibility that allows to write the image to the browser without using the filesystem? (how to implement with RomPager?) Or is there a way to make the filesystem faster?

App 1 takes 10 sec for all images

Change the thread priority of the file system’s internal threads and see if there is a performance improvement. Since the user provides the file system with the TX_THREAD blocks, the user can change the priority of the file system internal threads.