SPI clock mode will not change - RCM3750

I have used SPI many times with RCM devices and now have a need to use SPI with a new device that uses a different clock edge and bit pattern than default — every effort to change clock mode using the SPI library and SPI_CLOCK_MODE has failed — even writing to SBER register direct fails and changing to user mode in SBUER fails — I am currently using an RCM3750 — please help me change the clock mode on my device for this application


I recommend using DC9.62 and make sure you have all the latest patches. This is available on the www.digi.com website under documentation.

This should be as simple as adding

#define SPI_CLOCK_MODE 0,1,2, or 3

to the top of your code

If this doesn’t work try adding it to the DEFINES window of project options.

Thank you, I have DC9.62 and have already tried the #define SPI_CLOCK_MODE — to no avail ---- however, I have not installed any patches and will look into that