SPI Master with DDRY signal from Slave.

SPI Master for RCM5700 with Interupt Control

  1. I need some help to set-up a SPI master whereby the read cycle should be interrupt driven via a data ready signal from SPI slave device. In other words how do I set up the interrupt service routine such that after the SPI read command to slave has been issued, the SPI routine is suspended (the RCM5700 continues do some other work in mean time) untill the data ready signal (ddry) is received. When ddry is received (high to low transition on DDRY port), the SPI master will read the slave register and finished the SPI routine. The time required by the slave could be in the order of 5-10 ms before data is ready for the Master.
    Any example C snippet may be sufficient.

  2. Does the RCM >4000 have a general command to enable and disable all interrupts?