SPI_MISO pull down (P5)


I try to put the atcmd P5 (=SPI_MISO) at “4” (i.e. pull down) status before entering cyclic sleep mode (because I have a LED connected to this I/O that I would like to turn OFF during sleep)

But as soon as the cyclic sleep is activated, the led blinks a little bit, as if the associated I/O was in high-Z (or disabled) mode, and not in pull down.

This is the only one I/O which I am not able to control before entering sleep mode…

Any help?


You are probably inadvertently forcing SPI mode. Try using one of the other pins for this function.


This question can be closed. It was due to a bug in the xbee firmware that has been corrected in version 100B. In the changelog, the corresponding line is the following :

==> Fixed issue when P5 - P9 are set as digital outputs were being pulled up instead of driven high or low
during sleep.[XBHAWK-524]

After firmware update, everything is OK.

Maybe this topic will help some other users…