SPI MRAM MR25H128 initialization error (mtdcrypt: Key decryption error.)


I try to integrate an tiny little SPI MRAM (MR25H128) with an imx6ulsbc. A kernel patch to support the mr25h128 is available (https://lore.kernel.org/patchwork/patch/842656/).
The device tree looks like this:

flash: mr25h128@2 {
compatible = “everspin,mr25h128”, “nonjedec,spi-nor”;
spi-max-frequency = <40000000>;
reg = <2>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;

partition@0 {
	compatible = "fixed-partitions";
	label = "dataXYZ";
	reg = &lt;0x0 0x004000&gt;;


When booting linux the following messages are shown:

m25p80 spi0.2: mr25h128 (16 Kbytes)
mtdcrypt: Key decryption error.
mtdcrypt: Unable to set crypto key.
mtdcrypt: initialization error
m25p80: probe of spi0.2 failed with error 1
spi_imx 2008000.ecspi: probed

Any thought?

What Digi product are you using? You tagged your question as Net+os, but you mention linux device tree.

Sorry, this was a mouse glitch… I’m using dey-linux 2.6 with an imx6ulsbc.