sprintf and unsigned long long

I’m storing some unsigned long long values, but when I try to output them via printf or sprintf, I get garbage.


unsigned long long uiTest = 2534ULL;
printf( "%llu
", uiTest );
uiTest = 12345678901234567890ULL;
printf( "%llu
", uiTest );



Any idea why?

To answer my own question:

Despite being able to handle unsigned long longs, the printf/sprintf support doesn’t seem to be there.

printf( "%llu
", 4294967296ULL );

will output 1. So basically it is truncating and rolling over.

I order to get the value I needed, I did a bitshift and output hex.

sprintf( szOutput, “%lx%08lx”, uiValue, uiValue>>32 );

So if you run into this, now you know.