NET+OS printf 64bit number

I am trying to use printf to output a 64bit value (as integer).
I usually use %lld or %llu formatting specifiers for this case.
However it seems the library for NET+OS (7.5) does not support 64 bit printing.
Am I doing something wrong, is there another method, or is it simply not possible in NET+OS 7.5?
I have already searched the forum and not found an answer.
Thanks in advance.


I found a suitable solution:
fcvtbuf, ecvtbuf

I guess RFM applies.

I vote myself down as it really didn’t satisfy my own question. In my case I was working with a large float and did not want to print it in exponential format so I cast/converted it to a longlong and tried printf using %lld. So while fcvtbuf did satisfy my problem it does not answer the original question as to how to printf 64 bit numbers.