SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE() string length issue

I’ve noticed that when linking a file in the xmem to a URL on the webserver, you are only allowed to use 19 characters for the URL string. If the string is longer than that the compiler generates an error “String is too long” or “A char array that has an initializer the same length as the array will not be null-terminated.”

This line generates an error:
SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE(“/admin/settings.zhtml”, settings_zhtml)

This line works:
SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE(“/adm/settings.zhtml”, settings_zhtml)

Is there some buffer or define to set the limit of the URL string? 19 characters is a bit short.

Look up SSPEC_MAXNAME in the tcpVol2 user guide.