Stability of Code

I am concerned about the stability of the code generated by the 9.5x compilers. I have been reading numerous internet forum posts that indicate there are issues with the 9.5x compilers.

I am currently developing an application using 9.52 and am wondering if I should not regress to 9.25. My application can not tolerate failure.

Another problem I am concerned about is that there is mention of larger binaries created. I am predicting that I will be using most of the space on my LP3500 board. Half the flash is dedicated to the DLM (PPP) and the other half dedicated to my application. Should I be using SHDesigns residentDLM to maximize space?

It is really bugging me that there are so many issues with the new compiler.

I too am unsatisfied with the stability of the compilers. Please fix this.