Random Crashes

My copy of 9.52 seems to crash randomly, maybe every 15-30 minutes. Usually when I click save (very frustrating because I lose my work since the last save). Also seems to crash when I compile/run- it hangs on the “loader” message in the compiler progress pop-up window.

Anyone have any suggestions or have seen the same thing?

sorry, I use 10.21 and rarely have a crash.
But I wonder if if you have an anti-virus program interfering.

Seems if I select “Close Connection” before starting another compile, it reduces the crashes dramatically, but it still happens occasionally.

10.21? I just checked the rabbit site and it tells me that 9.52 is the latest version.

I’m guessing the jump from 9x to 10x isn’t free. You probably have the latest version of the 9x version installed though.

I’ve been doing work with Windows Vista recently now I’m having nothing but crash problems too. Can’t get anything done at all. I’ll try out your suggestion.