Windows Crash (BSOD) with DC 10.44

Hello - I am new to the platform and just (last night) loaded DC 10.44 on my laptop (Lenovo X61, Cent VPro Proc - 5 months old - very stable!) - This is a text editor - how much horsepower should it need?

I came down this morning and went to change applications (the DC Windows were still open, with 4 other programs which I use all the time, and just switched to the desktop)

And instant BSOD - I was stunned - but I beleive the error was somthing like “Invalid_work_queue_Item” - sounds like an improperly registered program.

Has anyone else had this problem? - Being that this is my work laptop (this is a personal projecet but involved my line of work - power semiconductors) - but I am not thrilled about this software crash…

Anyone else had this problem? - should I do the default uninstall - re-install… ??