Status information, XB 24-B (API Mode)

I just got 2 “XB 24-B” Modules
Hardware-Version: 1941

1 works as Coordinator API
and the other one as Router AT

The first Question is, how can i get the status information from the Inputs (high/low)?
I was able to set the Output PINS with an explanation i found in the Data sheet, but can’t find the API CODE for the status information from the Inputs.

The other question is, if the Coordinator works in API mode, am i still able to send/request Data on the serial Port?

Issue an “IS” remote AT command, and the response packet contains a sample of all inputs in the payload. This behaviour isn’t well documented - you have to try it to find out…

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking in the second part of the question, though I’m pretty sure the answer will be “Yes” anyway :slight_smile: