Step by step Qtouch screen with CC6UL pro

Reaching out for help,
I got a ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro with an 7" LCD Accessory Kit, and tried to follow the ‘Getting started’ and got the first examples running (hello world, and gpio)
But know i need to have the lcd kit working, LCD and Qtouch. I know I have to change the device tree to configure it (as explained here|_____4), but I dont know how or where to do this.

I am completly new with this device, total noob with linux, so any help will be really appreciated

do you have a Fusion display?
device tree files are documented here:

if you are using the LCD I’ve mentioned above the changes to the device tree are documented here:

device tree files should be ./your_workspase_project/tmp/work-shared/ccimx6ulsbc/kernel-source/arch/arm/boot/dts/
Here is what I do to change device tree and re-compile:
source dey-setup-environment
bitbake -c devshell virtual/kernel
—this will start a development shell------
vi arch/arm/boot/dts//imx6qp-ccimx6qpsbc.dtsi
----This will exit the development shell
Above is optional as you can simply edit files directly in ./your_workspase_project/tmp/work-shared/ccimx6ulsbc/kernel-source/arch/arm/boot/dts/
bitbake -c compile -f u-boot-dey
bitbake -c compile -f linux-dey
bitbake -c deploy linux-dey
bitbake dey-image-qt

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Thank you a lot,
this is exactly what I was looking for