Stupid question

Hi! I have connected digiME device for the first time and the configuring web ask me for a login and password. Anyone knows which is the default one?


I don’t have that package, but have you tried the standard “admin” and “Netsilicon” which is used everywhere else?



yes, root/dbps… thanks

I have to chime in here and tell you that although this may seem like a stupid question, and it should be a stupid question, it is not. I spent about 2 hours one day sifting through documentation, searching these forums, searching the digi knowledge bases, and whatever I could find and the login and password were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! It’s so frustrating, and so rediculous that this info is not the first thing in the user’s guide! It’s like selling me a car and then hiding the keys in the tailpipe!

Sorry, I just had to vent.