super cap size vs. backup time on connectcore6ul

I need to calculate operation time using a super capacitor on Connectcore6ul, or select proper size supercap.

HW ref. manual states that using VCC_LICELL pin the current consumption is high (350uA?). An anvantage is that power manager PF3000 takes care of charging the supercap. If not connecting to VCC_LICELL I must add a charger to supercap.

What is current consumption of VCC_LICELL from supercap? 350uA?

What is current consumption of MCA from supercap (RTC used), if VCC_LICELL is not connected?

Text below (from hw ref. manual) does not make sense to me: first it says that supply (only) to MCA lowers the current but after that it reverses the claim.

“To optimize power management in coin cell applications:
Do not connect the coin cell/supercapacitor to the VCC_LICELL power domain (keep the connection to VCC_MCA). This removes coin-cell charger functionality but drastically reduces power consumption and extends the life of the power supply. However, this connection significantly increases the power consumption of the coin cell/supercapacitor in this low-power mode to around 350 uA.”