Support for enhancing data reliability

Hello Team,

We are into testing phase in the view to replace our wireless solution for one of our wireless control system product.
We have purchased DIGI XBee SMT Grove Development boards and Digi XBee3 PRO (XB3-24Z8US) modules in December 2019.

The setup done is as follows:

  1. Function used is 802.15.4
  2. Frequency channel used is channel 20
  3. A micro-python code has been written in transmitter to transmit 100 bytes every 10 seconds.
  4. The receiver has the same function and frequency as the transmitter has.
  5. A micro-python code in transmitter, after transmission and receipt of acknowledge, calculates and outputs the response time in milliseconds.

The hassle:
While we have got success in achieving the maximum range of 2.4km, the data is not much reliable. We did receive data 50% times, even at 500 feet.

Our Query:
What would be the reason for this non consistency?
Can this be improved by doing some encoding?
Does XCTU software has some provision to do encoding?

It will be better if we get sample configuration file for optimum results.

This is something that would be better answer over a support case. Please contact Digi Support via