Support for SSH

The API Reference Guide make no mention of a SSH API. Is SSH supported provided with the development kit?

Currently, support for SSH is not part of the NET+Works development kit.

However, there is certainly no reason that one could not obtain the source code for SSH from and port the necessary components to NET+OS.

I just spent two months porting SSH. The big issue is that OpenSSH is NOT multithreaded, but uses UNIX style forks to control processes. I had to convert the entire OpenSSH to C++ so I could create dynamic instances for each login. Also remember that NetOS doesn’t have executables, so you need to link in your own version of a shell. You also need to write your own versions of several net functions like getnameinfo(), socketpair(), all the getpw() functions, getservbyname(), etc.

Also note that the Digi OpenSSL is missing all the PEM (and supporting functions) functionality, so you need to port OpenSSL too.

So unless you have a lot of time on your hands or you are a giant corporation, it may not be worth your while.


Hi Erik,
We are using NETOS6.1 for NS9750 silicon.

We have implemented Advaced Web-server using NET+OS6.1 GHS and made to run on our product successfully from past few years. Now we are implementing Advaced Web-server HTTP over SSL (that is HTTPS). For this, we have tried compiling crypto.a, libcrypto.a and ssl.a along with the present project .bld file.

But we ended up with an error as “unresolved symbols from ssl.a and libcrypto.a” shown in the below attached screen shots.

I have reffered all threads in this forum, but didnt get a solution to overcome this problem. And also my main concern is Digi is not providing any sort of support for NETOS6.1 GHS.

But in the below attached thread “,2314_offset,10#7633” you have
mentioned that you have placed some header files in the link with which it compiles succesfully; but didnt find any as such.

Please let me know the solution to overcome this problem.
Any Reply is most appreciated to all.