Digi ConnectME

Today I’ve been experimenting a bit with the SP and also a bit with the ME unit and the Dev. kit. Now, I was wondering if there are software for the ME similar to the SP software. Or do you have to write everything?

The SP unit worked right out of the box in UDP Sockets mode, but we have consiedered integrating the ME on one of our cards.

The ME needs to have everything written, but there are librarys and sample code that contains all the common functions like HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

It also has a standard sockets API that lets you write additional functions. For instance, I wrote a Telnet client, and SSH server, a NIST client, and several other functions.


have you ported openssl/ssh for the SSH server ? can you release this server under the GPL ?

I can release the SSL port I did, but I cannot do the SSH. There was so much missing in the ME that I spent several months rewriting a big portion of the NET+OS interface to support SSH. I will gladly send you a copy of OpenSSH under GPL, but you can download it as easily from the openssh.org site.

Short list of changes needed to make it work with NET+OS:

  1. Convert the whole thing to C++ (about 2 months of work) so that it is reenterant.
  2. Get rid of all the UNIX forks and implement threads (a week or two).
  3. Create fifos to replace all the pipes since NET+OS crashes occassionally when you use them. (a few days)
  4. Write a shell (a month or so)
  5. Recreate UNIX style passwd file. (a week)
  6. Adapt OpenSSL for NET+OS (the one included in NET+OS is missing everything except for the stuff needed for https) (a few weeks)
  7. Create thread-safe versions of select() (see old thread of mine from about six months ago).
  8. Create fixed version of gethostbyname() (a few weeks)

As you may note, this is all outside of GPL. My boss says that he would consider selling the source if you are interested.