Suspend Mode


I am trying to use the suspend mode of the Me9210.
I followed the help manual step by step, and it worked - at a certain level.

My power cunsumption is reduced from 450mA to 210mA, but the hardware reference manual says something about 34mA.

I did only enable the serial port as wakeup source, the PHY should be deactivated.

Has anyone managed to reduce the power consumption to < 50mA?

Thank you for your help,



Are you using Digi Dev board to test the power consumption?
Its not easy to measure the power consumption of module only asyou have LEDs, regulators, converters and many other stuff that is never powered off .

ME9210 - Standby: 65mA @12V
There are 15 LEDs lighting in the board, consuming aproximately 2mA each. That is 30mA minimum consumed by the board. If you subtract 30mA of the LEDs from the measured 65mA, you get the 35mA specified in the brochure.


At first, I used my own board, but in a second step I also used the Dev Board to test all sides.
Regarding 480mA - they are @150MHz.