SX868 Range Problems


This day i tested two SX868 Modules (Ref XB8X-DMUS-001).

Configuration :

  • 32mW Tx Power
  • 10kbps rate

Hardware :

I performed a range test but after a range of 300m+, my reception is very poor (<5%).
The trials were performed on a flat environment (on water) with XCTU software.
One SX868 is 5m above the water surface.
One SX868 is 0.5m above the water surface (no swell)

In your doc, i found a THEORETICAL LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE Up to 14.5 km w/ 2.1 dBi antenna
I don’t understand why my range is reduced like that.

Thank’s for you help.



What you are referring to is Visual LOS where by Digi is referring to RF LOS. To get a better idea of what Digi means, please go to and read the attached file.


I have 4 modules of sx868 (XB8X-DMRS-001), I did a range test with it and I got only a 1-meter range. I don’t know why.

Tested with xctu tool.

Please, suggest if I can check anything. I have tested by reading the user manual.