Synchronous cyclic sleep mode wake time

I was wondering if I setup a digimesh node to do an ADC read ever time it wakes from a Synchronous cyclic sleep mode and send that information, what is the time between pin 13 going high and the actual ADC read taking place.

IE: the setup I would like to use is that pin 13 will trigger a fet to power some sensors and need a short wakeup time to stabilise then the ADC read would take place and send the correct data.
Just wondering what that time is?

I do not see this spec in the manual, if there is can you please tell me the section.

I am hoping this time is at lest 35ms or longer.

Thanks for the help.

The setting ‘WH’ is your friend :slight_smile:

The instructive I/O section of the manual doesn’t mention it, but you’ll find it in the command section.

It is a msec delay before the XBee tries to do anything with UART or IO. I usually set this to 250msec.

Thank you very much that is EXACTLY what I was after.
off to prototype stage.