TCP keep Alive, Serial port Keep alive


I’m struggling to find a clear explanation of how the TCP keep alive is configured through the web interface.It’s displayed under network settings and under Serial port settings.

That is there is a check box under advanced settings with the timeout and polling interval. There is also a check box to select the socket,telnet or ssl connections.

Is it simply the buttons for the port configuration assign the keepalive process to the selected ports?

I believe this maybe the route cause of a significant issue we are experiencing on a noisy network ( some have the keep alive set for the TCP socket, others dont)

Can someone help me understand how this all relates?



That turns it on, but it still defaults to 2 hours which isn’t of much use. I would change the timing to at most 4 minutes, but probably won’t go faster than 1 minute.

I assume your goal is TCP keepalive on TCP port 2101?

I believe you need to make an API call, namely NAIpSetKaInterval. This is described in the API reference manual. under Internatworking and then Global IP Configuration.

This is setting a global variable so I would set this as you enter applicationStart(). Once this is set then if the configure button in the web interface is just on/off, when on, this interval should take effect for all sockets created. BTW you pass it an unsigned short which is measured in seconds. Also 7200 (two hours) is the default.