TCP Session Disconnection after timeout

If my application crashes during TCP session(s), TS4 keeps the connection open indefinitely, denying new connect requests. The only way to disconnect them is to use the web configurator or re-boot.
Is there any way to configure TS4 to drop dead connections after a timeout? I have tried changing KeepAlive settings without success.

The keepalive setting should close any orphaned sockets. What tcp keepalive settings have you tried?

I’ve tried:

keepalive_active = on
keepalive_byte = on or off
keepalive_idle = 0:0:10

Is there any performance impact by using these short time settings?

Here is the formula of the keepalive works:

idle time + probe_cnt * probe_interval = total timeout value

The following will timeout in 50 seconds (minimum):

#> set tcpip keepalive_active=on keepalive_idle=00:00:10 probe_cnt=5 probe_interval=10 rto_max=5

If this does not work, then I recommend pursuing this further with Digi International Technical Support.

Not that I am aware of.