TCP tx FIFO size

I am having troubles with a stream of packets from a Digi ME-9210 to a PC. Every dozen or so packets I get a packet that is all CC CC CC CC… I thought that maybe the tx fifo was being overrun, so I added a select() write FIFO check, but that didn’t help.

What is the default TX fifo size and how do I change it? I need to crank it up to at least 32K.


I think you’re looking for TX_BUF_SIZE in src/bsp/devices/common/newserial/camry_serl.h, which is 8k by default. This changes the serial drivers transmit buffer size it uses, and you can’t change the size of the TX FIFO of the UART…

Thanks for the reply.

Serial Ports aren’t a problem. I am using SPI anyway.

I am referring to the TCP/IP TX buffer.