Telnet ServerAPI Sample tx_queue_create failure

I’m in the process of porting an application that has run on the CC9P9750 platform and NetOS6.1 to the CC9P9360 module and NetOS7.4. Part of the application uses the mailbox structure lifted from the original Telnet Server sample in 6.1. The access to any of the mailboxes failed when the application was ported over to 7.4. On investigation I found that the tx_queue_create always returned with the same queue ID no matter how many times it was called. It’s return status is TX_SUCCESS but the queue is unusable.

I have confirmed that this also happens with the Telnet Server API sample shipped with 7.4 and that the sample also fails when any mailbox is accessed.

Has anybody had this problem and is there a workaround?


May be some confusion here - you pass a queue ID (actually, a pointer to the queue data block) to tx_queue_create - it doesn’t generate them. Maybe the code that generates the queue data block and associated data buffer isn’t working properly.