Testing Interrupts

Hi all:

I wish to know if it is possible for test purposes to enable port E as output and then toggle the PE0, PE1, PE4 and PE5 in order to generate interrupts by my own code.

I have tried and it doesn’t work, but I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, so first I wish to know if what I’m trying it’s possible.

I have sett the interrupt vector properly, I’m sure of that because when I produce interruts from an external device it works fine.

Thank you in advance.

No, this won’t work. To be an external interrupt, the port pin has to be made an input. If you then set it as an output, the external interrupt function is deactivated. You will need to tie two ports together, then you can set one as an output to drive the external interrupt input.

Thank you for your response bsprouse!