The day of fate, 311, Japan

The big earthquake and huge tsunami which occurred in Japan destroyed many cities , towns, and villages on that day.

However, from immediately after the disaster, Japan obtains support from all over the world, and is continuing recovering from despair little by little now.

Although I cannot return a gratitude for all of the world, I hope to show the gratitude to the support from the world by giving you a help about XBee here.

March 11 2012

Your ‘mug’ photo and help is always appreciated! :slight_smile:

For the transparent app code that comes in the, I loaded it up on freescale, and can run it fine, where i can get in transparent mode, and at command mode. yet, I am not able to recieve and send any messages, and the AT commands do not return a value. It will, however, turn the AT commands into API packets.

Thanks, and I’m glad japan is recovering from earthquake