the problem about XBEE_init() return failed"-62"

First, a little background of my development set-up:

Hardware: BL4S100 Rabbit with XBEE Series 2
XBEE Series 2 on USB to RS-232 board from Digi Professional Development Kit. This USB/Dongle is connected to my Desktop.

Goal: To communicate from Rabbit SBC to USB/Dongle XBEE in “Transparent Mode”. (Basically, using XBEE as Point-to-Point UART to RF device.)

Successful experiments: I can successfully connect an XBEE module to my microcontroller’s UART and communicate with another XBEE module connected to a second microcontroller’s UART. Basically, I have done the below (UART Data Flow). And this works Great!

I have been studying the “Dynamic C - An Introduction to Zigbee” manual and I have been examining the “EndPiont.C” example. However, I always seem to get an “init -62” error message from the Rabbit with xbee_init() function.

For testing I have the following configuration:

PC (HOST) with USB/XBEE Dongle.The REMOTE is my Rabbit BL4S100 SBC.

My goal is to send/receive data from Rabbit SBC to Host PC. Again, just Point-to-Point UART to RF only. I think sample source code in Dynamic C on Rabbit SBC would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,