Time outs on AccelePort RAS 8


we randomly see time out errors in our communication sofware. When a certain com port goes in time out there is no other way than to reboot the server to recover from the error.

OS : Windows2K3 SMB Server

Adapter Detail :
Board Type AccelePort RAS 8 Config 2
Serial Number V32196639
Up Time 1d 14h 04m 25s
Line Count 8
Channels per Line 1
Modem Country/Region Belgium
CPU Usage 3%
Memory Size 4 Mb
Memory Usage 30%
Main Board FPGA Revision 2

Firmware :
Software Versions
FEP Version 80006691_M2
CSC Version 3.291
PUMP Version 5.71D

Driver version : 5.0.314.0

I’ve attached a log extract with the error messages.


Mark Vandereyd