AccelPort RAS/8 modem hangs

When our application uses the com ports, they become unavailable and we receive an error “Modem Not Responding”. I try to access the modem through hyperterminal and it connects but no response from the modem (no AT commands work). Doing a manual reset via PortAssistManager works, but it’s a manual effort I do not wish to perform. Is there a modem reset command I can use to reset the modems through an automatic script?

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Is there any answer on this question?

I have a same kind of problem, sometimes there is a time-out on 1 of the com ports. I created a monitoring script that could trigger a reset but I don’t know what to put in the reset script.

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Providing information such as Operating System/version (as well as service pack) and driver version installed on that OS would help us to analyze this problem.

Please provide that info.

I am having an identical problem. One of the modems itermittently freezes - it does not answer calls and will not respond to a modem string. Our O/S is Windows 2000 5.00.2195, Service Pack 4. The driver version is 5.0.314.0. Any suggestions?