Timer API Sample (GPIO and LED's)

When i run the Timer API Sample program the LEDs do not turn on & off. I have set the switch banks correctly. The code does not appear to set the GPIO direction to output. I assume this is the bug.

Where do i find the values(macro) to use when calling naGpioSetOutput(function,default_value) to set the GPIO direction?

The help does not explain this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

First I’d make sure you have the most current patches if you haven’t already. Then I’d recommend reading through the readme that comes with the example, as they usually indicate some changes to the BSP (I haven’t looked at the example myself yet). Otherwise, you can take a look at gpio_def.h and gpiomux_def.h.

After reviewing the sample in greater detail, it appears that the LED’s that are blinked are the green and yellow LED’s on the module itself, and that they are defined in customizeLed.c in the platforms directory.