Freescale Programming in C: GPIO Set -- Not Respond Correctly

I tried to drive LEDs on GPIO in C using the following scripts. But LEDs did not respond correctly. In theory, LED should be on when it is set at LED_ON. But the LEDs remained off no matter if I entered LED_ON or LED_OFF.

Can somebody help on this? Thanks.

bool_t is defined in a header file:
typedef char bool_t;

Scripts in Main.c Below:

bool_t LED_ON = 0;
bool_t LED_OFF = 1;


If you are trying to set the RSSI LEDs or the Associate LED (Red) with the Freescale on the Dev board, make sure you disable the Radio EM250. The Manual has the listing of all the AT commands to disable them. Read the manual Chapter 10 “XBee Command Refence Tables” to figure out which to turn off. If both Freescale and Ember drive the IO line, you don’t know what you will get. This may be what you are seeing.