Touchscreen configuration issue


I am trying to configure the JumpStart Kit touchscreen with X server.
I have not been successful.

I tried using evdev but the screen is not getting calibrated.
The pointer moves opposite to the touch motion. And on inverting X and Y axes the pointer gets fixed to upper left corner.

Has anyone done that successfully? Help needed.

Thanks in advance.

Sunder Singh Negi

In application board(LCD ) there are two ports are there for touch screen. One is normal touch another is mirror configuration of first. You might have connected to second one. verify it and do the calibration.


Thanks elu_digi for the reply. My touchcreen is connected to the port designated as LCD1.

But i had a different issue. I was unable to integrated touchscreen with X. Touchpad was working fine. I tried configuring touchscreen with evdev, evtouch.

I have now configured the touchscreen.

I build and installed tslib and xf86-input-tslib for arm.

Sunder Singh Negi

May i know what type of graphics user interface you are using??