Please tell me the option when I use touch panel.

Please tell me the option when I use touch panel.

-plugin EvdevTouch:/dev/input/event1 ???


/dev has no file now.

/dev/ will have input devices like touchscreen and mouse.

Are you using Android kit? Which version 1.4?

This is my environment.

Digi ESP for Embedded Linux
Version: 2.0 for Digi Embedded Linux
Build id: 20130211 DEL-

Open the Digi Embedded Linux ESP, goto help - help contents and search for touch.

There are sections which do explain which options you have to enable in the kernel to have appropriate driver and device files created.

Also section 14.3 Qt touch screen devices explains how /etc/profile.d/ is working.

It might be that /dev/input/ts0 does not exist.
So try also /dev/input/event0 or /dev/input/event1 in /etc/profile.d/ script.

Thank you.

I will work on Qt4.7 attached.
It does not work in Qt-5.2.1.
Is there any difference?

There was a device in /dev.

ls /dev/input/

event0 event1 mice mouse0 ts0

./videowidget -plugin EvdevTouch:/dev/input/event1

There is the touch event, but a position is abnormal.
Calibration is necessary.

I want to know the method of the calibration.

host : ubuntu12.04
target : Wi-iMX53
env : Qt5.2.1

When you include QT support in rootfs , its samples also will get included. Samples has calibration application which you can run.

if i remember correctly it was somewhere in /usr/lib/qt-****
or /usr/bin/qt-****


I do not include Qt4 support in rootfs.
I build Qt5 from a source.