transalate ip address using firewall rule

I want configure Digi Transport wr44 firewall, to translate the source IP ( from to, i added the following rule.
pass in break end on eth 1 from to -> to

My question, does this means, for all traffic coming on ETH1, the DIGI will translate source address from to

because it’s not working.
since, i have VPN tunnel up, from remote subnet and local subnet
And i don’t see nothing when i ping from

in other side i implement other rule
pass in break end oneroute any from to -> to

and it works, i can ping from

please help me.
best regards

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to answer you question the answer is NO

only traffic that is going to from will be translated this will then enter the router and where it goes from there depends on configuration and routing.

have you taken analyser traces to see what is going into the VPN and what is coming out on the other end.